Portfolio of Gardens

The gardens I have worked on range from enchanting woodland gardens, romantic country gardens, magnificent classical & formal gardens, right through to contemporary urban spaces. I pride myself on my eye for detail and my talent at creating harmonious, natural spaces full of colour and interest throughout all seasons. My aim is to ensure that however basic or unloved your garden is initially, the final stage will be a transformation before your very own eyes.

Services Offered

Formal & Classical Design

Sweeping parkland in Chew Stoke, Ubley and Oakhill was developed, renovated and planted to create spaces of magical beauty. Hidden follies and secret hiding places are just some of the features of my gardens, where Formal and Classical design have been the focus in order to enhance the existing landscape. Visionary views, fascinating ornamental lakes and ponds, and idyllic resting places have all been developed and maintained by myself and my team.

Border Design

Romance and reverie, impressions and nuances of nostalgia and memories of bygone days were transported into gardens in Blagdon, Mells and Clifton in Bristol, all of which have inspired me when designing garden borders and boundaries. Using colours reminiscent of an Impressionist painting or the vibrant strokes of bold, abstract art, your personality and character can be represented by your choice of palette within your garden. Whether you wish for vibrant, exotic reds and purples or soft, pastel mauves and pinks, I can create a cacophony of colours truly fit for a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Walled Gardens

The Secret Garden comes to life in Wells with my wonderful, whimsical Walled Garden, designed to be an oasis of calm and relaxation for you all year round. Using techniques such as juxtaposing raised borders, traditional borders, garden ornaments, sculptures and tranquil benches and and seating, you can have that charming, fascinating private outdoor space where you can truly relax and revitalise.

Services Offered

Front Gardens

Whether it is a grand, sweeping tree-lined driveway or a bijoux cottage country garden, your front garden is the introduction to your house and the first area visitors and indeed yourself will experience when you enter your residence. That is why the utmost care and consideration is taken when I plant and design the ‘gateway to your home;’ delivering a space which is both charming and offers a unique and beautiful entrance for you and your visitors to enjoy.

Childrens Play Areas and Inspired Creativity

From enchanting teepees in Bristol and the Chew Valley, lovingly crafted from willow, to captivating, natural mandalas created from a spectrum of coloured leaves, my Children’s Play Areas and spaces of Inspired Creativity bring a touch of magical fantasy for my clients and their little ones. Fairytales and daydreams provide the inspiration for these wonderful sacred spaces within your garden so that you can let your imagination take you to the places where dreams are made…


Indoor Gardens

Colour, texture and innovation in the are key when I create my unique indoor gardens. Perfect for offices, lobbies and even residential homes, you can enjoy the energy and tranquility that nature brings in the comfort of an indoor space. Indulge in poetic simplicity or wild, design-led, contemporary, state-of-the-art structures for an experience that is unforgettable, day after day.



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