A Transformational STORY

My clients dream was to create an oasis of calm and tranquility out of a barren expanse of earth and scrubland. We went about the mammoth task of removing stones and weeds throughout  the garden, and removal of dozens of leylandii stumps over 60 in total ! the garden at last had started to take shape. we then went about establishing a sweeping lawn and built some raised sleeper beds for the kitchen garden area as our client is a keen vegetable grower. when we started  it was a totally blank canvas upon which we could gradually add colour and form and create a haven for the flora and fauna. The Planting of this garden was on a grand scale we established a shady woodland walk that edged along the boundary of the garden and alongside a stream that ran through the garden. Trees and seasonal bulbs were then planted throughout giving colour and interest throughout all seasons.


Myself and my team first built the fence which formed the framework within which the garden could be developed. Raised borders were constructed using wood and stone in harmony with the surroundings and local to the Somerset area.



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Flowers, shrubs and trees were then selected and planted, resulting in a backdrop of colour and texture within the secret paths, hidden hideaways and natural stream running throughout the garden.


The final outcome was an outside area that went beyond the usual country garden. A contemporary garden which offered a myriad of different uses: reflection, meditation, tranquility and joy!



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